Become a Repair Certifier

If you are interested in becoming a Repair Certifier, there are three things you need to know, which are the required background, regional coverage considerations, and how to apply.

1. Required Background

To become a Repair Certifier, you will need to meet very specific criteria, summarised as follows:

In basic terms, in order to become a Repair Certifier a person will need substantial experience in panel-beating and collision repair, and (depending on which Repair Certifier category is being applied for) relevant formal qualifications.

As an appointee of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, a Repair Certifier will also need to be well-organised, possess great inter-personal skills (as they often have to give bad news to vehicle owners), and be a fit and proper person.

The ‘Repair Certifier Application Information Guide’ (see section 3) provides detailed information about the criteria which must be met.

2. Regional Coverage Considerations

A high-quality repair certification system

The Vehicle Compliance Rule allows for the public and the industry to be provided with a national network of Repair Certifiers who apply a consistently high standard of inspection and decision-making. Maintaining the right number of Repair Certifiers in relevant geographical areas is a critical element in achieving this outcome, which may be taken into account in an application process.

To meet the purpose and objectives of the Land Transport Act 1998 and of Waka Kotahi to promote an effective, efficient, and safe land transport system in the public interest, there needs to be sufficient Repair Certifiers to provide a good service to the public and the industry.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (Waka Kotahi) and RepairCert NZ will work together to ensure, to the extent possible, that Repair Certifier volume and quality is maintained throughout New Zealand.

Regions where Additional Repair Certifiers are Required

The table below indicates the geographical areas in New Zealand where a Repair Certifier is currently needed:




Post-1990 Vehicle


Post-1990 Vehicle

Other Regions

If you are interested in becoming a Repair Certifier in regions other than those listed in the table above, keep an eye out on this page which will be regularly updated. Over time, existing Repair Certifiers will retire and more Repair Certifiers will be needed in those regions. Also, repair certification volumes may increase which could bring about a need for more Repair Certifiers.

3. How to Apply to Become a Repair Certifier

The Repair Certifier Application Information Guide provides all the information that a person interested in becoming a Repair Certifier needs to know, and explains, step-by-step, how to go about the process of applying to become a Repair Certifier.

The Repair Certification Application Information Guide is currently in ‘final draft’ form and will be available online once completed. In the meantime, please contact RepairCert NZ and we will help you to understand the application process of becoming a Repair Certifier.